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Gina Jiang - Business Management

With DCC, I have accelerated my career further than I thought was possible in just two years.

Stream: Business Management Placements: DCC Vital – Dublin, DSG Energy – Hong Kong My first placement was in DCC Vital, where I worked on acquisition projects as a Business Development Executive, as well as marketing projects for the Medical Devices division. During my time on the placement I saw two acquisition projects through to completion, helped create and launch a new company website and was also given sole responsibility to create several market analysis reports that were immediately used to support our development projects.

My second placement took me to Hong Kong, where I joined the Marketing and Communications team at DSG Energy as a Project Executive. Here I was tasked to build an extensive market visibility study that was later presented to the Group CEO – a hugely challenging yet exciting project! I was also able to use my language skills to act as a translator for the LPG Divisional Managing Director and external contacts at a two-day LPG Conference, translating between English, Mandarin and Cantonese. In both roles I was really made to feel like one of the team and was instantly involved in projects that were delivered to the top management, making the final outcomes even more rewarding. I am very appreciative of the high level of trust that was placed in me, which pushed me to achieve results beyond my expectations. Before moving to Hong Kong for my second placement, DCC supported me in learning a third language (Cantonese). Being able to go to Hong Kong for my second placement has now led to me securing my ideal permanent role here with DSG Energy post-programme. In addition to this, regular training sessions not only developed vital business skills such as presenting and writing, but also provided an opportunity for the graduates to come together and discuss and exchange our experiences. My current role as a Business Development Executive will see me being responsible for supporting, implementing and facilitating business development projects; these will include geographic business expansion projects and new products/service development. With DCC, I have accelerated my career further than I thought was possible in just two years. During my time on the programme I have learnt a third language, worked in two different industries, experienced life in two countries, and secured a permanent role that I truly enjoy.