Master Thesis: Real Digital Twin for AI-powered Optimization at AF Gruppen

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AFRY is an international engineering, design and advisory company. We support our clients to progress in sustainability and digitalisation.
We are 17,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations.
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AiToc is an EU project with the goal to develop an integrated tool-chain for manufacturing engineering that supports decision making from a very early phase on. There is a strong need for more efficient and effective methods for “smarter” manufacturing engineering of the future production systems. AFRY’s Real Digital Twin creates an exact digital twin of your production. By emulating plant modifications in a 100% accurate digital copy on signal level of your production environment. This results in elimination of unnecessary downtime during commissioning and ramp-up.
By combining AFRY’s industry-leading real-time data handling, analysis and production capabilities with a unique Software framework, powered by Siemens, we have the ability to emulate the production cell at signal level to radically reduce down time, servicing and turn-around times for production facilities across all industries and sectors. AFRY’s solution is a SW as a service that helps the customer to take next step in their digital journey with the tools of driving cost reduction and increase efficiency. The service also enables all employees to interact with the technology by training.
Whilst AFRY is on the cutting edge of digital twins with RDT, it’s a fast-moving frontier. The next step is AI, connectivity and cross platform simulations.
To stay at the lead, AFRY sees a need for a sandbox RDT platform to test new automation technologies, from 3D Physics simulations tools, to AI priority decision making.
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The following thesis aims to create an emulated Real digital Twin of a production system, to use as a platform for testing automation technologies. Focus will be on scalability, reusability and exchangeability. Following subjects could be investigated:
1. FMUs
  • Investigate possibility to use Siemens Amesim or similar for modelling of mechanical equipment and connect to SIMIT.
  • Create FMUs to improve detail level of models and use as co-simulation or import to Siemens SIMIT.

2. AI Integration to RDT
  • Investigate how to integrate AI to an RDT of a manufacturing cell.

3. Comparing 3D Simulation Software:
  • Investigate strengths and weaknesses of several manufacturing simulation tools:
    • ABB RobotStudio
    • Siemens Plant Simulation
    • Siemens Process Simulate
    • Siemens NX MCD
    • Visual Components

Who are you?

One or several:
1. RDT of production system created by using FMUs or working in connection with FMUs as a co-simulation.
2. RDT of manufacturing cell made for integration with AI for decision making.
3. RDT of production system made in 3D simulation software connected to Siemens SIMIT.
1. The project must be performed by two students.
2. Both students must have proven very good knowledge of PLC.
3. Both students must have knowledge and interest in programming, preferably in C, C++ or C#.
4. Interest and preferably knowledge Artificial Intelligence.
5. The thesis will be performed at AFRY.
Master Program: Production engineering, Systems Control and Mechatronics

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The AFRY Group is ranked as one of Sweden’s most popular employer among engineers. At AFRY you will be involved in developing innovative and sustainable solutions within infrastructure, energy and industry. We are always looking for the sharpest skills that can create a future society together with us. We hope you will learn as much from us as we will learn from you.

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Andreas Buhlin - Section Manager
072-521 43 64
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