Global Climate Change Challenge hos Engaged Tracking Foundation

The Engaged Tracking Foundation is a UK-registered not-for-profit ‘think-and-do-tank’. It is the not-for-profit arm of Engaged Tracking - a specialist provider of climate-related data, analytics and low carbon investment strategies to institutional investors.

The Engaged Tracking Foundation has the following mission statement:

1. To accelerate the shift to a low carbon, more circular and sustainable economy.

2. To scale networks of climate resilient communities.

Participants will be working on the implementation of the interDependence blueprint

  • a plan to fund the rapid scale up of climate solutions, invest in local renewable energy and sustainable food production infrastructure, create meaningful jobs and generate new ways for people to participate in the low carbon transition.

The interDependence blueprint offers an antidote to the climate breakdown and the rapidly increasing polarisation we are witnessing in society today.

Candidates will be organised into teams according to skillsets and locations. Specifically, each team will work together to design, plan and implement an outreach, awareness raising, community building and fundraising campaign in their local communities.

Why now?

Scientists have repeatedly warned that we only have a limited amount of time left to avoid catastrophic climate change. A rapidly changing climate is already destabilizing weather patterns, displacing people from their homes and threatening global food security by reducing crop yields.

You are part of the last generation with the chance to change the future. The actions we take to address climate breakdown over the next few years to will determine the fate of humanity for generations to come. Join us in taking back our future.

Why you?

Do you want to join a global network of people just like you who are working to create a more equitable, accountable and sustainable world?

Are you interested in learning cutting edge techniques pioneered by technology start ups and successful entrepreneurs?

Are you interested in gaining practical professional skills and making a positive impact in your community and on the world?

Are you interested in exploring new models for sustainable leadership and community engagement to help build a global network of climate resilient communities?

For more information or to apply please visit the Engaged Tracking Foundation website:

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